You have at your disposal a powerful source of Energy, that of your own Heart.

Your heart is a source of energy.

Did you know that your heart, not your brain, is the organ of your body that produces most energy? As measured by an EKG, the electrical courant of the heart is 50 times stronger that that of the brain. The electromagnetic field of your heart can be detected up to 15 feet away from the body. Consequently, our heart energy can influence others: a parent holding a baby in their arms will surround this baby with their loving energy. So will embraced lovers. Moreover, people at conversational distance will affect each other's field and influence the conversation's tone.

Your heart is much more than a pump that produces blood circulation. Your heart has many complex functions. Your heart is an endocrine gland that produces hormones. It houses a sophisticated nervous system, the "little brain of the heart", that gathers information, communicates and has its own intelligence.

The intelligence of your brain is different from that of your heart and plays a different role. Recent research in the field of neuro-cardiology has improved our understanding of the respective roles of the brain and the heart. Scientists have long recognized that the brain has the power to influence the heart. Researchers have now proved that the heart has the power to modulate brain activity and to optimize its function.

Scientists describe a state of well-being, called cardiac coherence, obtained by synchronizing the brain and the heart, which yields remarkable benefits in the areas of health, personal energy and relationships.

How can you tap into the powerful energy of your own heart?

An easy way to access your energy is to trigger a state of cardiac coherence. I have develop a simple technique called "Heart-Smiling" that allows you to tap into the energy of your heart and can restore your personal energy at will.

Heart-Smiling is a groundbreaking easy to learn technique that allows you to tap into the dynamism of your heart's superior emotions, like appreciation, gratitude, compassion, generosity, understanding and love. These motions, when felt and experienced, release hormones into your blood stream that make you feel good and energized. Heart-Smiling is a practical tool that has the power to change your inner state and improve your relationship to yourself and to your world.

According to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, "love is the most astounding cosmic energy". We have access to this amazing energy and can use it in our daily lives. It resides in our heart and we can tap into it at will to recharge our batteries and transmit it to those we love.

What are the benefits to using your heart energy on a daily basis?

Research in the area of heart energy and cardiac coherence indicate definite benefits in stress management, physical and emotional health, improved mental capacities and smoother interpersonal relationships at home and at work.

Heart-Smiling practitioners report feeling at once calmer and energized. Herat-Smilers feel it easier to stop wasting their precious energy and time on energy sappers. They feel unconstrained and free to spend their energy on what matters to us.


Learn to use the Energy of your Heart to transform your life for the better, at home and at work.

L’Énergie du Cœur