Proven Tools to Increase Your Personal Energy

The Personal Energy Crisis

We are living today the worst energy crisis the world has ever experienced: the personal energy crisis. The natural resource that we are depleting most dramatically is the human capital of the planet. During the last decades, we have learned to manage our time, our stress, our money and even difficult people. It is now urgent that we learn to manage our personal energy. Our survival as a specie depends on it.

"Doctor, I don’t have any energy!"

In my medical practice, I heard this complaint from thousands of patients. Energy deficiency is a symptom that can be attributed to many different causes, including various acute and chronic physical or mental conditions such as depression, chronic anxiety and stress related disorders.

Often times, I saw that energy depletion had very little to do with a medical condition. Chronic fatigue was more often linked to painful relationships. People were being energy depleted from circumstances either at home with a spouse, a child or a parent, or at work with a coworker or an employer. At other times, lack of energy was caused by a lack of passion in the patient’s life, a lack of drive or purposefulness.

Fatigue, the modern plague, is only temporarily and partially relieved by medicine, which is more effective at treating acute problems like infections or surgical conditions. It has become more and more evident that medical science has very little effective long-term solutions for chronic energy depletion. Even “natural” medicine has its limitations in this area.

Do you need more energy? Learn Personal Energy Management

Personal energy management is simple but not always easy. It consists of two phases: avoiding leaks and revitalization. First learn to identify and avoid the black holes that sap your precious energy, things that drain you and drag you down. Concurrently, learn to recharge your batteries by identifying what gives you wings, what drives and motivates you to take good care of yourself physically and emotionally.

In order to shift from an energy depletion mode to a cycle of abundance, one needs to tap into the power of self-love, which resides in your heart.

7 Recommendations to enjoy bountiful vibrant energy

  1. Identify what makes you happy, what gives you wings, what you're passionate about.
  2. Let your values be your driving force, not your fears nor your guild & shame.
  3. Love yourself enough to stay focused on your personal vision & mission.
  4. Respect yourself enough to prioritize your energy and well being. Do not tolerate abuses and unacceptable behaviors
  5. Have the courage to take responsibility for your life choices and to resist all deterrents to the realization of your dreams.
  6. Develop your emotional intelligence and learn to utilize your heart emotions as the driving force to transform your life. Emotions are the motor behind your thoughts.
  7. Be aware that Love is your ultimate source of energy and act accordingly.

Learning to efficiently manage your personal energy will greatly impact your personal, family and professional life.

Cycle Energy Boost
Learn to re-energize: it's not always possible to take 2 weeks of vacation time to recharge our batteries. We need to have access to an easy simple tool that we can use anywhere in any situation. This exist, it's called Heart-Smiling.
Cycle Energy Loss
Prevent energy leaks: The good news is that energy leaks are preventable most of the time. You do not need to go through life exhausted, stressed out or depressed. By learning effective Personal Energy Management you can stop energy waste save your energy for people and activities that you really enjoy.

The joy of a new baby
The joy of a new baby gives wings

Newbron bring up smiles
There's nothing like a newborn to bring a smile

Dancing gives energy
Dancing gives energy

Arguing drains energy
Arguing is sure to drain your precious energy