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Proven Tools to Increase an Organization's Vitality and Energize Enterprise

High-energy is a valuable intangible for any business or organization. Many interventions have been tried within organizations to increase productivity, creativity and skills, but very few have specifically addressed the issue of the quality of energy.

The global energy level of an organization is a function of the synergy between the personal energy of employees and that of the management team and executives. Each of these organizational level must be addressed to insure a flow of high energy capable of revitalizing the whole enterprise.

The tools offered by You are Energy, Inc. promote increased energy within an organization by addressing perceptions and attitudes that end up blocking energy flow. We help organizational workers and executives to better manage their personal energy, seal damaging energy leaks and help organizations and individuals replenish their physical, emotional and mental energy.

You are Energy, Inc. bases its energy management programs on important updated medical discoveries about heart-brain communication. Scientists have known for years that the brain can negatively influence the heart, thus producing devastating stress-induced heart diseases. But, research now demonstrates that the heart has the power to modulate brain activity and to optimize brain function, thereby, enabling individuals to consciously reverse any negative impact a stressed brain might exert on the heart.

The benefits associated with a high energy enterprise are many, from better health to calmer work atmosphere and better employee retention. On the other hand, the high costs associated with low energy are prohibitive. They range from high absenteeism, low productivity, high personnel turnover and costly communication errors.

Cardiac Coherence and Productivity

Cardiac Coherence is a physiological state of well-being produced by synchronizing heart and brain activities. Recent discoveries in the area of neuro-cardiology show:

  • The heart has the ability to positively influence and regulate brain function. It can instantly affect cognitive functions, like mental clarity, strategic thinking, decision-making, communication skills and conflict resolution.
  • Heart-brain synchronization can be achieved by individual members, workers, managers and executives, resulting in dramatic leaps in organizational performance and productivity.
  • Stress is the major obstacle of high performance. Stress reduction (not just relaxation) is key to increased health and performance.
  • High energy and increased performance is the result of a balanced integration of mental, emotional and physiological energies.

The key to high performance is a highly coherent psycho-physiological state in the whole organization.

Teach Cardiac Coherence techniques at every level of your organization

Those who learn and practice a cardiac coherence technique manage their energy better and stop wasting it in situations that deplete others. They can channel that high energy into increased performance. These coherence practitioners are more alert, more pleasant to be around, more creative and more satisfied.

I - Energize your employees:

PEP our Personal Energy Program encourages Individual workers to learn to manage their own personal energy. Coherent personal energy builds stamina, creativity and enthusiasm. It also improves health, increases productivity and makes the work atmosphere more enjoyable.

The benefits of teaching a Cardiac Coherence technique to employees are:

  • Increased mental acuity
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention
  • Workers become calm, focused and productive

II - Focus your Teams:

You are Energy, Inc. can help teams better manage their individual and collective energy and avoid wasting it in power struggles or on the aloofness of disengaged team members. Team members can learn to synergize their collective energy and achieve an exceptionally productive state of Focused Flow which optimizes energy flow.

The energy level of a team is at any moment at one of these levels:

Team Energy Levels Team Members Production Levels
Negative Disengaged Poor
Unstable Erratically Engaged Erratic
Positive Engage Boosted

1-negative energy: team members are disengaged, productivity is poor

2- unstable energy: team members are erratically engaged, productivity is erratic

3- positive energy: engaged team members are engaged. productivity is boosted

III - Synergize your Executives:

High-energy leaders have the ability to inspire their workforce and to bring out the best in them. You are Energy, Inc. can help leaders and managers identify and remove the blocks to optimal energy flow in their organizations, whether these blocks are caused by ineffective processes or by unproductive individual organizational members.

By using cardiac coherence techniques in their administrative area, executives can optimize the energy of the organization and achieve collaboration and synergy. A Cardiac Coherence practice will also influence the leadership and management style, the decision making and conflict resolution processes.

The benefits of a Cardiac Coherence practice for executives are:

  • Improved time management and prioritizing
  • Clearer and open communications
  • More eager collaboration
  • Easier conflict resolution
  • Better decision making
  • amélioration des communications et par conséquent diminution des coût attribuées aux mauvaises communications.
  • plus grand rayonnement dans la communauté grâce au dynamisme et à l’enthousiasme à remplir la mission de l’entreprise.

Leaders are perceived as a source of inspiration and peace promoters.

IV - Let your Organization Shine!

In a high-energy enterprise, workers are driven by the values they personally share with those of the organization; they espouse the organization's mission and own its vision.

The collective internal energy of such an organization then projects a coherent inspiring image into the community and creates a positive impact.

The quality of energy of an organization is revealed through its:

  • Culture (Values Expressed)
  • Purpose (Vision & Mission)
  • Impact & Image

The goal of addressing collective internal energy issues in an organization is to energize its workforce by inspiring individuals to share organizational values.

Injecting an organization or enterprise with positive energy positively influences an organization's image and positively impacts the entire community .

The result of high coherent energy in an organization is a win-win situation for any enterprise, their employees and their community.







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