Heart-Energy at work: Shield yourself from negative energy using your Heart Energy

Optimize your Energy at Work

We spend most of our waking hours of our adult life at work. Would it be nice if instead of being a place that drains our energy, the workplace was a place where passions are put to contribution, creativity expressed and dreams fulfilled. Is it possible to leave work energized, proud and fulfilled?

Lack of energy at works is felt like fatigue, difficulty concentrating, arduous decision making, feelings of powerlessness, resignation and impression of "doing time".

Notwithstanding the type of work we're doing, we can all improve our quality of life at work by using our Heart Energy. Practicing a cardiac coherence inducing technique several times during the day improves mental capacity and energy levels while reducing stress.

It only takes a few seconds to transform one's internal mindscape:

  1. Breathe slowly and focus on your heart
  2. Experience one of heart's superior emotions (gratitude, joy, generosity)
  3. Feel your energy change and let a smile rise from your heart

Practice this simple technique for a few seconds before a meeting, at the beginning of your breaks, while commuting and just before arriving home to make a smooth transition from work life to family life.

Protect yourself against energy vampires

Energy vampires are experts at diverting our precious energy for their own profit. They want us to do for them what they are not willing to do for themselves. Furthermore, they master the art of making their victims feel bad about not willingly give them what they feel entitled to. They know how to make their victims feel guilty, ashamed, frustrated and angry. However, energy vampires can only con those who have a hard time saying no. Their weapon is emotional manipulation, which only works if they have the collaboration of those they prey on.

Heart energy is one of the rare tools powerful enough to help resist manipulation. Thanks to the high level of self-respect found by taping into heart energy, emotional manipulation looses its grip. Heart-smilers love and respect themselves too much to give their power away. Centered in their Heart, they don't give in to negative emotions. Refusing to be victimized, they force energy vampires to seek out other preys or to change their behaviors. Heart-smilers find it easier to protect themselves from energy vampires and contribute to a more relaxed work atmosphere.

Use your Heart Energy to Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts are based on beliefs or values disparities. When people differ in opinion without emotional attachment nor judgment, antagonist are not upset and can usually "agree to disagree". But when there's a strong emotional investment in the argument, antagonists are perceived as threatening. Emotional pain is verbalized in phrases like: " You don't respect me" or "you never listen to me" or "how stupid can you get" or " you're so lazy" or "how gullible you are" ...

Heart-centered conflict resolution is based on bringing the issue back to our Heart. First, we need to identify the threat by asking: "What am I afraid of? Why am I so emotionally attached to this issue? Which value or belief is it addressing?" Then, we ask our Heart to guide us in finding a loving way out of this conflict by asking "What's the loving thing to do here?"

In a situation of conflict, it's tempting to demand a change from our antagonist. Unfortunately, this approach doesn't provide with a long term solution and is costly energy-wise. By agreeing to focus inside to identify what we find threatening and to find a loving way to feel safe, we can find a long term solution where conflicts are not only resolves but where they actually dissolve.

Decision Making in cardiac coherence

When in a state of cardiac coherence, where brain and heart activity are synchronized, intellectual functions are optimized. Furthermore, this state has been shown to reduce stress level, which makes decision making easier. Decision making is a 2-step process:

  1. make an inventory of possible options (this is the role of the brain)
  2. choose among those options the most loving and appropriate one (this is the role of the heart)

When brain intelligence is complemented with heart intelligence during brain-heart synchronization, all higher mental functions are improved. This includes better judgment, increased creativity and sounder decision making.

Balancing Family and Work Life

At the root of the difficulty to balance family land work life are the frantic pace of modern life and the increasingly demanding performance expectations. Prioritizing sometimes seems impossible: who should get our time and attention? our children, our spouse, our employer, our health? and what about our personal needs for peace and recharging times? The problem is not only choosing our priority, but the difficulty of sticking with our resolve without being torn by guilt and remorse.

There only one thing powerful enough to tackle guilt, and that is love.... love of self and love of others. Personal energy management stipulates that one who is depleted cannot give. One has to replenish first before taking care of other's needs. Love is at the core of a balanced life. Precisely because one cares, one needs to prioritize their needs. Loving prioritizing focuses on replenishing self first and then giving attention and care to those who need it. It is possible to achieve a balance between family and work life; this is done by prioritizing with the heart. Many times a day, ask yourself: "where do I want to put my energy now?" and "what's the loving thing to do here?"


Use your Heart at work, it is much smore gratifying than using only your brain and muscles.




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