Cardiac Coherence: The Way to High Energy and Peaceful Life

What is Cardiac Coherence?

Coherence describes a state of synchronization between two functions. Cardiac coherence refers to an entrainment of the brain wave activity by the heart's more powerful waves. When brain's activity is synchronized with that of the heart, the result is a physiological state of well being and an optimization of the global function of all the organs that are under their influence.

When in a state of cardiac coherence, there's a harmony between heart and brain's function and no more separation between "what the heart wants and what the brain knows". Cardiac coherence uses the "intelligence of the heart" to communicate with and orchestrate the function of all the organs. The hormones that the heart secrete, like oxytocin, produce a sense of peace and safety that is experienced as both calming and energizing. Thus to be able to achieve a state of cardiac coherence is excellent for stress management and health optimization.

At the planetary level, researchers are observing the impact of groups of cardiac coherence practitioners to create global positive changes ( see The Global Coherence Initiative Project)

Techniques that induce Cardiac Coherence

Cardiac Coherence inducing techniques have been shown to improve the function of the autonomous nervous system. These techniques are first choice stress management tools and are becoming a valuable adjuvant to the treatment of any stress-related illnesses.

Studies show that practicing these techniques can improve health, intellectual functions and can improve emotional stability for a more enjoyable life at home and at work.

By changing internal chemistry, a state of cardiac coherence has the power to change the perception of situations, to de-dramatize them, to help see them in a more peaceful context. This in turn reduces the stress level associated with the situation, which is better for our health and enhances our quality of life.

People trained in Cardiac Coherence techniques can expect to:
  1. Engage the heart to manage stressful situations and avoid stress related illness
  2. Improve emotional health and the quality of relationships
  3. Be in a good mood and emotionally stable
  4. Think clearly, focus effortlessly and make decisions easily
  5. Improve creativity, productivity and efficiency
  6. Improve learning capacity
  7. Improve decision making and problem solving abilities
  8. and much more (see HeartMath Institute for more information)


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