About Us

Dr. Campeau graduated from Montreal University School of Medicine and established a successful 20-year practice in Canada. In the 80’s, she pioneered in the field of Addiction Medicine and she founded the first CoDA (Co-Dependents Anonymous) group in Canada. She published and lectured extensively on both topics before retiring to South Florida.

As a writer and lecturer, Dr Campeau’s mission is to invite everyone to tap into the powerful energies of their hearts, to increase the quality of their personal energy and to participate in the emergence of a Heart-Smiling planet./p>

You Are Energy, Inc. is dedicated to transforming the way people use their personal energy. It is urgent that we stop wasting our precious energy in draining power struggles and useless blaming. We need to reclaim our birthright to happiness, radiant health and freedom from fear.

Through lectures and training seminars, our goal is to offer participants the experience of over-flowing high quality energy to teach them to reproduce this energizing state in their daily lives.